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Benefits of the VA IRRRL Program

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Did you know? The VA has a streamlined refinance program just for veterans and active duty military! Texas VA Mortgage is proud to offer this program, called the VA IRRRL Program. It stands for Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan.

There are amazing benefits to this program that are exclusive to veterans and active duty military! It includes lowering your mortgage payment, lowering your interest rate, ability to defer up to two months of consecutive mortgage payments, and if you have an escrow balance, you’ll receive a refund check for the escrow balance.

Not only that, but it’s streamlined so you won’t have to worry about an appraisal, income or asset verification, or bringing any money to the closing table. There’s no money out of pocket and you can close in the comfort of your own home.

It may sound too good to be true, but this is a very real program! Having a VA loan allows you to qualify for this program. Please click here for more information on how to qualify for the VA IRRRL Program.


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